Geo-education is an effort to nurture and develop knowledge, attitudes, and abilities of the community regarding the diversity of geology, biology, and culture to support sustainable development goals in geopark. The education program focuses on the formal school, local communities, visitors, and tourism entrepreneurs.


Research Programme

Some national and international universities have conducted research for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programme covering the fields of geology, biology, ecology, etc. One of the programmes is carried out throughout seventeen priority geosites with Japanese, Malaysian, and Thai universities in 2018 summer course. Other programme has been done with European Universities to research the geosite management, local communities involved in the geopark programme, infrastructures, amenities, capacity building programmes, etc. They proposed to improve tourism facilities and management also capacity building communities.

The geoproduct research has been conducted with one of major national universities to investigate the development of local products to meet the export standards. The geoproducts is developed from local crops such as pepper, coffee, varieties of herbals, and honey. The research will involve improvement programmes in quality, commercial, labelling, and promotion.



We invite schools and universities to visit Belitong Geopark. Students and teachers could participate in various educational programmes including Geology, Biology, Environment, and Culture.

For further information, please contact us:

Mobile: +62 81271 74184 (Annyta)

Our team:
Noviz Ezuar (Geology)
Zulfikar Arrlianda (Environment)
Yulian F (Biology)
Natasha/Tesi (Culture)
Alvian (Education)
Annyta (Environment)
Septi (Literacy)
Christian (Geotourism)