Location: Aik Begantung, Kacang Butor v., Badau sd., Bd

Accessibility: Around 14km (20 minutes) from Hanandjoedin Airport by road


Tajam (meaning sharp) Mountain is a formation comprised of sediments of siltstone, tin and quartz. This unit is suggested to be involved with the Kelapa Kampit formation in the Permo-Carboniferous era.

Tajam Mountain boasts the highest point in Belitong Island and is located on the meeting point between two mountain ranges going northwest-southeast and northeast-southwest. 

The Gurok Beraye waterfall is also located within the hiking trail. This area boasts a high biodiversity in the large amounts of flora and fauna within the Kerangas Jungle and a high cultural significance in the royal Badau tombs within. 


Coordinates: 2° 47’ 45” South Latitude (SL) & 107° 52’ 9” East Longitude (EL)

Elevation: 510 m.asl

Size : around 5 Ha