Location: Lintang v., SimpangReng- giang sd., EBd

Accessibility: Around 45km (49 minutes) by road from Hanandjoedin Airport.

The Tebat Rasau Cenozoic Swamp is a record of the widespread rifting on the Sundaland during the mid-Cenozoic era. This widespread rifting was responsible for the planar swamp and is known as a rheotropic swamp. 

This ancient swamp is an alluvial swamp characterized by an abundance of Pandanus helicopus, a flora that develops well in tidal conditions free from the brackish water and in a consistent pH of 5.5, alongside many types of algae and fish. 

Tebat Rasau is particularly a home for ornamental arowana fish (Seleropages formosus), ampong fish (Channa marulius) and green spotted puffer fish (Tetraodon nigroviridis).

The discovery of silver Arowana (Osteoglossumbicir- rhosum) and Ampong fish (Channamarulius) that cannot be found in western part of Belitung suggests a biogeographic phenomena that took place since the Ice Age when Belitung and the sea around it were still land, part of Sundaland.

In the Sundaland era, the rivers in the northern eastern Belitung are thought to flow north and converged with other rivers from Borneo and East Sumatra and eventually led to the South China Sea; while the rivers in South-west Belitung are thought to coalesce with rivers from the islands of Java and southern Sumatra that flow to the south east and empties into the Lombok Strait.


Coordinates: 2° 53’ 16” South Latitude (SL) & 108° 2’ 27” East Longitude (EL)