BurungMandi v., Damar sd., EBd.

Accessibility: Around 64km (82 minutes from Hanandjoedin Airport)


The two Baginde Rocks rest on top of a hill nearby Mount Baginda, thus its name. The two rocks are according to local folklore called the Meninda Men and Bukit Baginda Wanita hills.

The rocks themselves are formed of quartz, feldspar, plagioclase, biotite, hornblende and secondary materials in the form of actor, carbonate, limonite and iron oxide. It did not contain tin and thus was spared from mining activity.

This geosite is important in that it represents I-type granite in the form of adamelite, a granite distinguished from granodiorite in its pla-gioclase content.


Coordinates: 2° 44’ 32” South Latitude (SL) & 108° 15’ 4” East Longitude (EL)

Elevation: 0 to several m.asl