As public transportation is very limited in Belitung, visitors usually get around with taxi or rented car and motorbike - with or without a driver. Good news is, GoJek and Grab - the ubiquitous car/motorbike hailing service are available here especially in towns like Tanjung Pandan and Manggar. Here are some options to explore the island:


Rapid Transit Bus, Dinas Perhubungan Pemkab Belitung

Route 1

08.00 – 10.00

Terminal – SMAN 2  – Bandara –  Geosite Bukit Peramun –  Simpang 4 Sijuk – Geosite Kuale Granite Mangrove – Labunaji – Pantai Tanjung Tinggi – Kampung Baru – Geosite Tanjung Kelayang

10.30 - 12.30

Geosite Tanjung KelayangPantai Tanjung Tinggi – Labunaji – Geosite Kuale Granite Mangrove – Simpang 4 Sijuk – Geosite Bukit PeramunBandara – SMKN 1 - Terminal

Route 2

08.00 - 09.30

Terminal – Jalan Anwar – Jalan Pilang –  Geosite Juru Seberang – Sungai Samak – Pelabuhan Tanjung Ru

10.00 - 11.30

Pelabuhan Tanjung Ru – Sungai Samak –  Geosite Juru Seberang – Jalan Pilang – Jalan Anwar - Terminal




Rental price of car varies according to type of car and length of rental.

A Toyota Avanza usually rents for IDR 300,000 without a driver or IDR 400,000 with a driver per day. A motorbike rental ranging from IDR 60,000 to 100,000 per day.


Boat services to explore small islands around Belitung are available. A ten-person boat would cost around IDR 500,000 for 2 hours. Special island-hopping packages for specific destinations such as Pulau Lengkuas, Pulau Kelayang, Pulau Batu Berlayar and Pulau Kepayang are also available.