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Location: Tanjungpandan sub-district
Accessibility: Around 5 km from Tanjungpandan city center and 22 km or 33 minutes from Hanandjoeddin airport. 

The Juru Seberang geosite is a tin rich-alluvial area that resulted from weathering of Tanjung Pandang granite/ S-type granite mixed with weathering from the metasediment of Kelapakampit Formation. A lamp shell (Lingula Unguis) was found in the area, the animal representing evolution from the Cambrian Period (542 million years ago)

The Juru Seberang geosite is a former offshore tin mining area which is currently focused on rehabilitation of post-mining land, shrimp and crab; this includes grouper fish breeding and climate change mitigation projects, one of them being mangrove tree replantation. This geosite offers white sandy coasts with sea pines (Casuarina equisetifolia), a tracking path along the mangrove forest and traditional fishing attractions. 

Visitors can also watch the sunset at dusk on a six-meter tall viewing tower. A tracking board was installed to explore the Gusong Bugis beach panorama with the sight of Tanjungpandan city. Finally, visitors can experience dining at a miniature ship-themed restaurant as if they were eating out at sea.


Coordinates: 2° 45’ 38” South Latitude (SL) & 107° 36’ 30” East Longitude
Elevation: 0 to 25 m.asl