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Terong v., Sijuk sd., Bd.
Accessibility : Around 29 km or 43 minutes from Hanandjoeddin airport.

Terong tourism village is an environmental conservation geosite consisting of four sub-sites, namely the agro-tourism focused Bebatu, the nature-themed Bukit Tebalu, the creative tourism-based Aik Rusa Berehun and the surrounding mangrove forest.  The geosite is valued as an example of proper ex-mining land management and a good mining activity prevention strategy using community-based tourism activity. The site is currently known as: “Belitung Mangrove Park”, “Holticultura Park” and “Camping Ground” with activities including: river tracking, mangrove tracking, mangrove restoration, bird- watching, silvofishery, sea cucumber cultivation, oyster gathering, Bedulang feast, horticultura track, off road arena and camping grounds. The area is rich in biodiversity, including marine fauna (fish, shellfish, sea cucumbers etc.) and flora (mangrove forests, sea cypresses)


Coordinates: 2° 36’ 28” South Latitude (SL) & 107° 39’ 41” East Longitude (EL)

Elevation: 0 to 10 m.asl.

Size: 16.000 Ha.