Elevation: 0 to several m.asl

BurungMandi v., Damar sd., EBd.

Accessibility: easy access (Provincial and National Road), only 69 km from Hanandjoeddin airport.


The tektite is an important geological resource of Belitung - the Belitung name itself comes from a locally found form of tektite, the ‘Billitonite’. These rocks commonly known as ‘Satam Stones’ or ‘Black Diamonds’ are formed by collisions of extraterrestrial objects under high pressure and temperature and contain a significant amount of tin. Thus, the tektite is the reason for Belitong’s rich tin mining history.

The Garumedang Tektite is a designated conservation area; tin mining is prohibited here as to not damage the coastal environment it lies on. The geosite also houses information on the history and culture of tin mining in Belitung. Biodiversity conservation is also practiced here; this area is populated by sea cypress (Casuarinaequisetifolia) and other flora that have conservation and environmental treatment uses such as lake treatment and bird conservation.


Coordinates: 2° 44’ 32” South Latitude (SL) & 108° 15’ 4” East Longitude (EL)